Getting Started With Insightech

Welcome to Insightech! From here, you'll find everything you need to get started with the platform.

Read through the modules below to start working through your Getting Started Checklist, explore our most common use cases and FAQs, or contact us to get a demo of the platform in action.

Get up-and-running

Follow these quick steps and you'll be up and running, and exploring your website data in no time.

  1. Implement your tracking code
  2. Invite your teammates
  3. Check your content privacy rules

You've got data - now what?

There's more to Insightech than watching session replays. Practice the fundamentals that will help you understand and continuously improve your customer experience.

  1. Watch Your First Replay
  2. Analyse your first form
  3. Create your first segment
  4. Read our Website optimisation use cases or E-commerce use cases guides

Set your Insightech account up for success

Give access to your crew, setup content masking/whitelisting rules to protect your users, and crank up the power of Insightech with custom tracking configurations.

  1. Turn on channel & campaign tracking
  2. Explore custom tracking configurations to suit your needs
  3. Point Insightech at your custom DataLayer

Other Useful Materials

Still looking for some more guidance? Here are our guides on segmentation, optimisation, E-commerce, and FAQs.

  1. Website Optimisation Use Cases/Guide
  2. E-commerce Use Cases/Guide
  3. Common Questions & Segments used by our customers
  4. Segment Comparison Template to help guide your analyses and segment comparisons

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