Creating Notes & Sharing Insights

Creating a note is a quick way to bookmark a moment of interest from any session replay, and to easily share comments and insights with your team.

All notes can be tagged, and go into a searchable list to allow other members in your team to jump into the exact point of a customer experience that you bookmark.

Creating your note / bookmark

To create your first note, simply pause any replay exactly where you'd like to save the note, and click the button under the 'notes' tab on the right hand menu.

Saving your note / bookmark

When the note creator panel is open, you can:

  1. Write down your comments and findings
  2. Give your note some relevant tags to search
  3. Click "Save" when you are done

Hint: At the top of your note, you will also see the replay timestamp where your bookmark is being saved.

Sharing your note / bookmark

To share a note, simply click the link icon for the note that you'd like to share, and you will be provided with a shareable URL link that you can copy and paste to your team.

All saved notes are displayed in order in the right hand panel of replays they are saved in, and also under the notes nav menu, where you can search and filter through all saved notes and tags.

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