Session Replays Explained

How Interactive Session Replay Works

Insightech Session Replays are fully interactive, and are calculated on the fly with unsampled data.

This means that at any point you can hover over content for metrics, click on content to create segments, switch between inspect, click map, scrolling heatmap or form analysis modes, and apply filters or segments to have your session replay metrics update on the fly.

Once your tracking code is implemented, data will flow in real-time into your account (assuming you have traffic on your website). These reports will help you understand user behaviour, and quickly and simply quantify user behaviours and opportunities.

Levels of Session Replay Views

In the left navigation, you will have the option to view session replays at 3 levels (4 if you have cross-device tracking enabled).

Selecting different levels of replay will determine what journeys you will view.

  • Pageview - View individual pageviews
  • Session - View individual sessions, and all pageviews that occur within those
  • Device - View individual devices, and all sessions and pageviews that occur within those
  • Customer - View individual customers, and all devices, sessions, and pageviews that occur for those customers.

Note: This will not work unless made available based on your subscription plan and enabled. Also, only anonymised customer IDs can be used for customer level tracking.

How To Share A Session Replay

If you want to share a session replay, simply share the URL of the session replay and others will be able to view the same user experience once they login.

Watching Your First Replay

Pick a replay journey type to get started (E.g. Replays → Sessions), and you will be taken to the Replay List page. From here you can change dates, or apply segments or filter conditions to search for specific replays.

At the top of your screen you will also see the total number of replays for the replay type displayed, based on your date range selected, and any segments or filters applied.

Clickto be taken to the Replay Timeline which will display every page viewed within the journey you have specified.

From here you can either click to watch an individual replay, or to watch the entire journey. Enjoy!

Details Tab Explained

Once viewing a session replay, the details tab in the right hand sidebar contains information obtained from the device and browser for the replay being viewed.

Finding Other Activity for the Same Session/Device/User

To find the specific session, device, or customer (if cross-device has been enabled) for the replay you’re looking at, simply click on the icons under the map to bring up all pageviews for the view level of your choosing.

Finding Others with Common Attributes

Want to view all users of the same location, device, or browser attribute?

Click the search icon next to the attribute you want to search for.

Events Tab Explained

The events tab in the right hand sidebar contains information on every event that occurred in sequence on the page, along with all of the data that was available within each event.

Highlighting events within this list will provide the options to playback the replay from any specific event, or to view the data shared within each event. This is especially useful when diagnosing issues, or when sharing user experiences to your development team to fix bugs.

Within the events tab view, you can also choose which events you would like to include in the list, simply click on to bring up a full list of website event types.

Playback From Specific Events

To playback from specific events, once you have clicked on the Events Tab in your right hand sidebar, you will see your full list of events that have happened for this pageview.

Once you have found the event that you want to playback from, simply click Playback to watch the replay from that point.

Data Available In Events

All of your page event data is also captured by Insightech. This can be useful when diagnosing issues on your website. If there is an error happening on your website (E.g. a broken link click), simply find that event in your event list and click on Data to look at the data.

A common example for broken links is that the link URL being shown in the event data is incorrect or missing.

Analytics Tab Explained

The analytics tab in the right hand sidebar contains each of the reporting views available in the session replay, across Inspect Mode, Click Maps, Scrolling Heatmaps, and Form Analysis.

Each of these reports will be automatically generated and overlaid on the session replay you are viewing, based on the filters and segments selected.

Inspect Mode Explained

Inspect mode can be used to interact and understand key metrics for individual elements on the page. Want to know the interaction rate with a call to action button? Select Inspect Element, hover over the button, and updated metrics will be shown on the right-hand side of the page.

Create a Segment From Inspect Mode

Want to create a segment for users who have interacted/not interacted with an element? Within Inspect mode, simply click on the element to bring up the segment creator pop-up prompt.

Alternatively, click on in the right hand nav to bring up the same pop-up prompt.

Applying Filters From Session Replays

Want to search for a specific page, hostname, or look at the top pages coming in from a specific source, medium or campaign?

Simply click on to bring up the filtering rules pop-up seen below.

Click   to add the conditions you want to search for and click to update the data for the rules you have specified.

Applying Segments From Session Replays

In the page filters pop-up screen in the section above, you can select a pre-made segment to apply it to your replay.

Simply select the segment and it will be added to your list.

Note: All segments can be stacked. E.g. Combining 2 segments for Converting Users, and Paid Campaigns, would be the same as creating a segment for the combination of both

Replay Navigation

The session replay navigation icons sit at the bottom left of your replay screen, allowing you to play or pause playback, to change the rate of replay (1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x), and to toggle whether the replay skips user inactive/idle time.

Skipping Pageviews

To skip between multiple pageview replays within a full session, device, or customer journey, simply click the left or right arrow icons underneath your session replay.

Changing Session Replay Dates

To change the dates included in reports and metrics, there are two main methods that are launched from different views.

Method 1 - Report/Search View

The first method is within overview clickmap/scrollmap/form analysis reports. To update the dates, click the date icons, update to the dates you want to include, and finalise by clicking “Search” to update the results shown.

Method 2 - Within Session Replays

The second method is within session replay views. To update the date, click on the button, and once in the filters view, click on the date icons to bring up the calendar prompt. Once dates have been chosen, click to update the metrics within your session replay.

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