Tracking Custom Campaign Parameters

To track UTM variables for your marketing campaigns, click Admin -> Traffic Source to access the traffic source settings user interface.

Click on the “Import UTM Variables” button at the top right corner of the user interface, the system will populate the rules for tracking UTM variables. Then click on “Save Variables” to save the changes.

After saving the changes, click Sessions in the menu, and you will see the UTM data in the session list, and the UTM variable will be available for searches and segmentation.

Changes to Traffic Variables

Changes to traffic variables will be retroactive. This means any change will take effect on both historical data and new data. You may observe changes in the number of sessions in historical data due to definition changes on session start. This is because Insightech classifies a pageview as the start of a new session when any of the traffic variables are populated.

If traffic variables need to be changed, it is recommended to edit existing variables instead of removing and recreating the variables. Recreating a variable will result in two different variables, even if the new and old variables have the same name. Segments using the old variable will be broken once the variable has been removed.

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