Implement Your Tracking Code

To get data streaming into your Insightech account, you need to implement your tracking code. Once you have implemented your tracking code, you will begin to see data stream into your account in real time, providing that you have users on your website.

Here is how to implement your tracking code

  1. Go into your tracking code settings under Admin → Tracking Code to see your implementation code along with some instructions.

  1. Select how you will implement your code to your website, either directly on the page, or through a tag manager. Each selection will provide a slightly different code, and set of instructions.

  1. Copy and paste your code where instructed. Once done, your platform will begin collecting data.

Please Note: Do not have more than one Insightech tag on each page across your website or it will cause issues with your data. (E.g. You may accidentally implement a tag in GTM and another directly in the page's HTML)

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