How To Build A Segment

Segments can be created three main ways.

1. Main (left) Navigation

Click In the left navigation from any page, and once at the segment list view, click to bring up the segment creator view.

2. Report Views / Session Replay List views

Each reporting list view, or session replay list view will allow you to filter results by adding conditions. From here, click to be taken to the segment creator To save a segment with the current filter conditions.

3. Interacting with elements Within Session Replays

Interacting with elements in any session replay reporting view, or clicking onagainst any metric or event in right hand navigation within replay. More information can be found in our click map, scrolling heatmap, and form analysis report explanations.

Steps to Create A New Segment

  1. Name your segment and give it an appropriate description
  2. Select default/non default
    Setting a segment to default means that it will automatically be added to every reporting view, by default.
  1. Set Container Rules
    Set your container operator rules, inclusion/exclusion toggle, and container level rules. You will find more information on setting container rules below in the Setting Container Rules section.
  2. Set Condition Rules
    Click to add a new condition, and set your parameter, operator, and values to include in each rule. You will find more information on setting container rules below in the Setting Condition Rules section.
  3. Finalise your segment
    Click to finalise creating your segment
  4. Choose whether to share your segment
    To share your segment with everybody else in your Insightech account, once you have created a segment simply click the button. Additionally, click to remove a segment from globally sharing your segment with everybody in your account.

Setting Container Rules

  1. Container Operator Rules (And/Or Operators)
    These rules are the specific rules to be matched against as the base of your inclusion rules.

    Setting “All” will include items where all conditions have been met and works like an AND operator.

    Setting “Any” will include items where any condition listed is met and works like an OR operator.
  2. Container Inclusion or exclusion
    Set whether conditions in container are to be used as an inclusion or exclusion list
  3. Container Level Rules
    Setting the container level determines what additional information is included in your segment.

E.g. A segment with a condition to include a specific landing page will:

  • Pageview - Include only landing page pageviews
  • Session - Include all pageviews for sessions that visit the landing page
  • Device - Include all sessions and pageviews for devices that visit the landing page
  • Customer - Include all devices, sessions, and pageviews for customers that visit the landing page

Set Condition Rules

  1. Select metric, operator, and values to be included in condition rules.
  1. Click to add additional conditions to be included
  2. Click (optional) to nest additional containers of rules within current containers.

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