Form Analysis Reports Explained

Form Analysis Reports Explained

Insightech Form Reports automatically detect pages with form elements or multiple input fields as form pages, and provides some useful metrics on how these form pages perform.

These reports will help you understand form completion and drop off rates, as well as any high interaction and potential problem areas of your form.

Metrics Explained

  • Form Bounce Rate - The percentage of users who reach the form page, and do not interact (click) with any of the form input fields.
  • AVG. Interacted Fields - The average number of fields interacted with by users who visit the form page.
  • Number of Fields - The number of fields detected by Insightech.
  • Median Duration - The median duration of time that users spend on the form page.

How To Read the Form Analysis Report

Main Session Replay Interface

When viewing the scrolling heatmap, you will see a gradient of colour based on scroll rates down the page. In addition, you will also see some additional markers:

  1. Rank number
  2. Click Volume
  3. Click rate % (clicks / pageviews)
  4. Minimum/median/maximum fold markers

Note: A page fold shows how much of that page is seen before any user scrolling occurs. This is typically determined by the screen/browser resolution.

In the sidebar on the right hand side of your form analysis, is a list of all of the clicks on each element for your report, depending on whether you have selected Last Clicks or Most Clicks as a metric.

Choosing/Switching between Reports

To toggle between reports, click the drop-down selector to switch between Last Clicks and Most Clicks form reports.

  • When to use Last ClicksTo understand the last interaction point (or drop-off point) of users on your forms.
  • When to use Most ClicksTo understand overall user click behaviours for form input fields. This can be useful in identifying if users are interacting multiple times with the same field, potentially indicating form issues (e.g. input errors, or form confusion).

Create a Segment From the Form Analysis View

Want to create a segment from a link click or element click? Simply click   in the sidebar nav, or click on an element in the session replay to bring up the prompts and create a segment.

Applying Filters & Segments

Applying a Filter

Want to search for a specific page, hostname, or look at the top pages coming in from a specific source, medium or campaign? Simply add the conditions you want, and search for those rules.

Click  , select the rules you want to filter for, click and your new results will be shown.

Like the results that have been shown and want to save this as a segment? Simply click once the search results have been updated, and you will be prompted with some additional instructions to do so.

Applying a Segment

Already have a pre-made segment? You can apply it to your click map. This can be handy if you want to look at specific page categories, or any specific user behaviours. Simply select the segment and add it to the list.

Note: All segments can be stacked as well. E.g. Combining 2 segments for Converting Users, and Paid Campaigns, would be the same as creating a segment for the combination of both.

A Short Explanation Video

Here is our “Getting Started With Form Analysis” video, that runs through some examples from above. You are also welcome to reach out to us if you have any other questions.

Watch Getting Started With Form Analysis

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