Watching Your First Replay

Before you get started, if you'd like to know how Session Replays work you can check out a full explanation here.

To Get Started

  1. Pick a replay journey type to get started (E.g. Replay → Sessions), and you will be taken to the Replay List page. From here you can change dates, or apply segments or filter conditions to search for specific replays.

    At the top of your screen you will also see the total number of replays for the replay type displayed, based on your date range selected, and any segments or filters applied.

    (We will guide you through how to search your data with common segment/filter conditions, and creating your first conversion segment for comparison in Step 5 below.)
  2. Clickto be taken to the Replay Timeline which will display every page viewed within the journey you have specified.
  3. From here you can either click to watch an individual replay, or to watch the entire journey. Enjoy!

Still want some more guidance?

Watch Getting Started With Session Replays

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