Common E-Commerce Use Cases

This article contains Use Cases For:

  • Homepage Content & Promotion Banners
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Forms & Form Drop-Off
  • Out Of Stock Messages
  • Website Search
  • AB Testing
  • Product Page Layouts
  • Sales Blockers & Errors

Homepage Content & Promotion Banner Analysis

Insightech allows you to combining clickmaps with scrolling heatmaps to understand what users see and interact with, revealing opportunities across your content to drive more conversions. Leveraging this information will help optimise your key messaging, promotional banners, and other supporting features.

Take it one step further by overlaying segments for converting and non-converting users to compare behaviours between the 2 audiences. This will show you which content enables conversions and which content doesn't.

Key Questions To Answer

  • Which content/banners do users see?
  • Which content/banners do users interact with when converting vs not converting?
  • Does any highly clicked content need to be re-positioned higher?
  • Which core messaging (when seen) results in higher conversions?
  • Do wishlists & other feature interactions result in higher conversions?

Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Head here for more information on analysing your content

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Understanding your funnel stages and the opportunities at each point is critical to your business growth. Insightech helps you understand when funnel drop-offs occur, and to explore full journeys before and after those drop offs including top pages viewed, campaigns/channels used, and other indicators that might help reduce drop-off volumes.

Key Questions To Answer

  • What are your biggest funnel/form drop off points?
  • Which Pages do users visit before/after dropping off?
  • Which channels, campaigns and other session details do we know when users drop off?
  • What other products are viewed or included in purchases (Cross-Sell)?
  • Which products are the closest upsell, and are they being viewed/compared?

Finding Sessions/Users that Drop Off (using Segments)

To understand the behaviours and full journeys of users who drop off your funnel, simply create a segment for users who hit your funnel stage, but don't hit the following stage.

Here is an example for sessions that hit the Checkout but don't hit the Checkout Success page.

Other Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Form & Form Drop-Off Analysis

Understanding your forms and their performance can help identify specific problem areas that can be solved on the final stages of your funnel. You can then explore in Insightech when form abandons occur, and the full journeys before and after those drop offs including top pages viewed, campaigns/channels, and other helpful indicators.

Key Questions To Answer

  • What are your biggest form drop off points?
  • Which Pages do users visit before/after dropping off?
  • Which channels, campaigns and other session details do we know when users drop off?
  • Which forms perform the best (start rate, completion rate, time spent, avg # fields interacted with)?
  • What other products are viewed or included in purchases (Cross-Sell)?
  • Which products are the closest upsell, and are they being viewed/compared?

Analysing Your First Form

Here is a short video explanation on analysing your first form.

You can find more and in-depth details at Form Analysis Reports Explained, on analysing your forms.

Other Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Out of Stock Analysis

Out of stock events may be causing your users to drop off without purchasing and these events support decision on stock level management, as well as product recommendations and cross-sell strategies.

Insightech helps dig into when these events happen, what happens before and after, and which products are high opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell strategies.

Key Questions To Answer

  • Which products are being seen as out of stock?
  • What alternatives are being shown to users and are they interacting with them?
  • Does out of stock being shown have an impact on conversions?
  • Do we have a way to re-capture users who drop off due to out-of-stock?

Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Site Search Analysis

Product searches show what your users are specifically looking for. It's also a chance to understand where missed opportunities happen on your website, and where search results don't match what your users want.

Insightech works with any kind of website search, and will also capture dynamic search recommendations, so that you can get full visibility on what your users want, what they are shown, and what they end up purchasing.

Key Questions To Answer

  • What are your users searching for, and does this align to product sales?
  • Which search queries result in conversions, and which don't?
  • How many results come up for each query/query category, and whether this impacts conversion rates?
  • Which searches result in zero products being shown?

Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

AB Testing Analysis

If you are actively running AB tests on your website, you will want to understand more than simply whether an AB test was successful or not. Even in cases where you don't have a significant AB testing result, you will still want to learn how each AB test impacts user flows, and where users are dropping off.

Insightech can identify all of your AB tests for comparison, whether it's a messaging change, an element that's inserted into your page, or even an attribute in your dataLayer. You can easily explore user behaviours and micro-conversions across any AB testing variant.

Identifying Your AB Tests (with Segments)

Insightech can identify your AB test multiple ways through picking up your dataLayer, your URL structure, or simply looking at the HTML on your page. The easiest option is using HTML specific to your AB test.

To do this:

  1. Find the HTML of an element that is specific to your AB test (button, message, link, etc)
  2. Choose the right filter:
    1. Load DOM - if your content is loaded during page load
    2. DOM Change - if your content is injected into the page after page load

      PRO TIP: If you aren't sure how the content is loaded, but you know that it is unique to the AB test, then put the HTML in both rules and apply it under an "Any" search condition. This will find your AB test whether it shows up either during or after the page has loaded.
  3. Save your segment

For more details, read the Segments for HTML and Loaded Content section in our Common Segments (with examples) guide.

Key Questions To Answer

  • How many times have AB test variants been shown?
  • What pages do users visit when an AB test variant is shown?
  • What campaigns/channels do users use before seeing an AB test variant?
  • What do users interact with when an AB test variant is shown?
  • Which micro-conversions does each AB test influence?
  • Do AB testing variants change where users drop-off?

Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Product Page Layout Analysis

The design of your product pages is key to enabling conversions. Insightech allows you to understand how users behave on individual pages, and to group/aggregate pages together to compare layout designs across your broader categories.

Key Questions To Answer

  • What do users see on product pages?
  • What do users interact with on product pages?
  • How effective are product pages in influencing sales?
  • What other products do users visit when viewing or purchasing from a product page? (Up-sell + Cross-sell)?
  • How do all of these questions compare, when looking at categories/groups of pages?

Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Other Sales Blockers/Website Errors

Identifying and managing conversion blockers across your website is a high opportunity area to re-capture users for conversions that you would have otherwise lost. Insightech can identify any blocker event or condition, allowing you to quickly understand the impact on your business growth, and the opportunity you have to increase your website conversions.

Common Sales Blocking Events

  • Contact Us / Webchat / Support Interactions
  • Form Field Errors
  • Zero Search Results
  • Out Of Stock Messages
  • Broken Links
  • Javascript errors

Key Questions To Answer

  • How many times are blocker events occurring?
  • Which pages do these events happen on?
  • Do blocker events result in lower conversions?
  • What pages do users visit when a blocker event happens?
  • What campaigns/channels do users use before a blocker event happens?

Helpful Insightech Reports/Features

Store Finder Tracking

Key Questions To Answer

  • Where is demand coming from?
  • How effective is your local marketing/media?
  • How effective are TV ads at a local level (using TV attribution)?
  • Which location based demand is converting online?
  • Which demand from local areas is converting into foot-fall traffic in stores?
  • Are there any product/service restrictions at a local level, and is there a cross-sell opportunity?

How To Answer Them With Insightech

Insightech will capture your storefinder plugin and all interactions with it. As store finder activity is quite custom/complex, it is recommended to leverage your raw data to feed into real-time custom dashboards to tailor value to your business needs.

  • Store search results
  • Impressions of Store information
  • Store link clicks
  • Online ordering clicks
  • Resulting conversions from stores
  • Campaigns driving store finder activity

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