Segment Dashboards & Monitoring Events

For every segment that you save in Insightech, you also get an out-of-the-box dashboard to track and monitor the activity within your segment.

These are retroactive, meaning that they update historically as soon as you save your segment, showing you accurate historical trends any time you need them.

Accessing Segment Dashboards

Using Segment Dashboards

Segment dashboards are an easy way to monitor what is happening across your website. This could be on any behaviour that you can think of, including funnel abandonment, error messages, or AB tests.

Your dashboards include:

  • Snapshot metrics for the date range you have selected
  • Historical trended volumes
  • Links to the list of replays for your segment

Tip: See an unusual spike/dip on a particular day? You can investigate further by clicking through to the list of replays to diagnose further.

Sharing Segment Dashboards

Want to share your dashboard with someone else? Simply copy and paste the URL to share it. Just make sure:

  • The segment used in the dashboard is shared
  • The person you're sharing the dashboard with has an Insightech login

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