Using Your Custom DataLayer In Insightech

How Insightech Picks Up Your Data Layer Object

Any data layer item can be looked up in the Insightech system. If your data layer object has the default name of "dataLayer", then Insightech will automatically identify and capture your data layer. If you are using another data layer name, this can be updated in the platform settings.

Pointing Insightech At Your DataLayer

If you are using "dataLayer" as the name of your custom data later, then you do not need to update this.

If you are using an alternate name for your custom data layer, then you will need to follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Admin —> Tracking Code to go into the tracking code settings
  1. Click on the Advanced Tracking Configurations button
  2. Once in the Advanced Tracking Configurations, navigate to the dataLayer Object Name field. Input your custom data layer name, and Insightech will begin to capture this in your data.

Note: Your dataLayer object name will be set to "dataLayer" by default.

Using your Custom DataLayer in Insightech

When putting in your filter or segment conditions within Insightech, select Event : Custom Data from the drop down, and you will be prompted to put in the JSON path and JSON value.

In the example below, we will be using the deviceId attribute in our filtering conditions within Insightech.

In the example below, we use the device ID above in our filter/segment conditions by entering the dataLayer attribute name (deviceID) into the JSON path field, and enter the attribute value (6ea4c96568c2-287e314453a9) into the JSON value field.

This method can be used to find and leverage any attribute and value in custom data layer within filters or segments.

Some common cases could be for campaigns, AB tests, personalisation, vendor platform IDs, audience attributes, or any other data point you currently collect.

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